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NCYU Overseas Students Celebrate New Year at Chiayi

As the Covid-19 pandemic has not shown any sign of abating since its outbreak in 2020, the entry restrictions remain in place worldwide. There are currently 323 overseas students at National Chiayi University, who stay in Taiwan during the winter vacation and are pleased to experience Chinese New Year celebrations in Taiwan. To reduce the risk of group infection, President Chyung Ay recorded a video to offer New Year’s greetings to the students. Small gatherings have been held by different units for overseas students to experience the New Year atmosphere in Taiwan.

  NCYU President Chyung Ay indicated that there are many different styles of new year celebrations all over the world. It is a good opportunity for them to have a taste of Chinese New Year celebrations in Taiwan. It is advised to remember to keep social distance and wear a mask when participating in celebrations, wherever they are held, during the Chinese New Year. If any problems or symptoms occur, please seek medical advice or call the CDC hotline at 1922 for assistance as soon as possible. He wished a happy new year and good health to all the overseas students.

  According to Lee Hung-Wen, Dean of International Affairs, NCYU, not only the campus contact information has been provided to foreign students, networking activities have been organized to express care to them. In addition, the overseas master’s and doctoral students may also do research during the winter vacation so that they can finish their thesis and attain the degree earlier than expected, and contribute what they have learned to their hometown after graduation. Take the Indonesian couple, Andi Kurniawan and Nur Izzatul Maulidah, who study at the Ph.D. Program of Agriculture Science, NCYU, for example. They said it is relatively safe to stay in Taiwan at present, and they feel very lucky to be able to study and do research in such a safe environment.

  Nozomi Ogawa, a Japanese student at the Department of Animal Science, NCYU, is currently doing an internship at the Leofoo Village Zoo. She thinks all the efforts are worth it during the internship since it allows her to put her knowledge into practice, and interact with and take care of animals from all corners of the world every day. During the winter vacation, Zheng Zhong-En, a Hong Kong student at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, has been carrying out an internship with a veterinarian at the NCYU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. He regarded it as a valuable experience to put his academic knowledge into practice. Despite inconveniences caused by the pandemic, the students may enjoy unexpected gains if they are willing to make plans in advance.
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