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NCYU International Students “Hands Together”: Helping Students from Neighboring Senior High and Vocational Schools Expand Worldview

NCYU International Students “Hands Together”: Helping Students from Neighboring Senior High and Vocational Schools Expand Worldview

  To implement the Ministry of Education’s project of “Hands Together,” the Office of International Affairs, National Chiayi University, has been guiding the international students to carry out exchange events with students from Tainan City National Pei-men Senior Agricultural and Industrial Vocational School (PMAI), Chiayi County Jhuci Senior High School (CCJH) and National MinShyong Vocational High School of Agriculture & Industry (MHVS) from May to November. The objective is to help the students of the neighboring senior high and vocational schools expand their view of the world, and understand the importance of languages and cultures. From 2016 to 2018, the NCYU international students had been holding exchange events jointly with neighboring senior high and vocational schools, including “Cultural Diversity Movie Reality Show” with Chia-Yi Girls’ High School in 2016, “Making Chinese Foods” with PMAI and “Introduction to the Country’s Folkways” with CCJH in 2017, and “Making of Western Cakes” with PMAI in 2018. All the events had been well received by the senior high and vocational school students.

  According to the NCYU Office of International Affairs, to promote the global mobility of the young students in Taiwan, the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education, has been connecting foreign students from colleges and universities with senior high schools nationwide to co-organize exchange events. The goal is to help expand the worldview of the high school students, facilitate international exchange, and enhance language and cultural exchange. The Administration has been connecting universities with senior high schools to carry out the event, “Hands Together,” on an annual basis. This year, NCYU continued to hold “Bread Making” with PMAI, “Introduction to the Country’s Folkways” and “The Potential World Heritage Site – Alishan Forest Railway in Chiayi: I Wanna Take the Train” with CCJH. There were also new events such as “Mid-Autumn Festival – A Date with Chang’e” and “Hands-on Planting,” which were co-organized with MHVS.

  The abovementioned events were joined by NCYU international students from France, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as visiting teachers from the Spanish sister school – University of Huelva. In the course of the events, despite the fact that the local senior high school students found it hard to communicate in English fluently and accurately, all the participating students tried to express themselves through rich body language, or comprehend each other by looking up information on the phone. Therefore, laughters could be heard from time to time during the events such as making of crispy, fragrant western bread, taking the little train on Alishan departing towards Fenqihu, and making of the festive moon cake and roselle jam. These events, which allowed the students to know more about the differences in culture and food among diverse countries, not only helped promote international cultural exchange, but fulfilled the true meaning of “Hands Together.”
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