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NCYU Overseas Student Recruitment

To enhance campus internationalization, staff of National Chiayi University have been actively participating in education exhibitions overseas to increase its visibility over the years. As the COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of relenting since its outbreak, the entry and exit controls have not been loosened. The NCYU staff have been actively joining online education exhibitions in various countries with a view to attracting outstanding international students to study at NCYU. They have spared no effort to recruit foreign students by participating in the online education exhibitions inculding “Taiwan Higher Education Online Expo 2021,” “Virtual 2020 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in the Philippines,” “Virtual 2020 Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Thailand” and “Taiwan Study Support Center University Recruitment Online Briefing 2020.”

  “Taiwan Higher Education Online Expo 2021” featured electronic promotional periodicals targeted at students from, e.g., Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia, and online interviews with NCYU representatives. The periodicals provide basic information regarding various departments, complete with introductions on the outstanding alumni of NCYU, such as Jiang Wen-De, one of the remarkable alumni from the Department of Food Processing; Leung Wing-Tuen, an alumna from Hong Kong graduating from the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources; and veterinarian Tsai Man-Lin, a Malaysian alumna of NCYU who founded “Lovely Veterinary Dermatology Center” in Taiwan. Tsai shared her experience of being qualified as a veterinarian and opening business in Taiwan, which has been met with positive reviews from the students participating online. The expo also boasted an interview with Chang Ming-Huang, Dean of the NCYU College of Veterinary Medicine, who introduced the recruitment objectives, curriculum planning, and development goals of the Department of Veterinary Medicine.

  In addition to joining virtual education fairs, NCYU has been collaborating with “Taiwan Study Support Center” based in Japan in signing “memoranda of alliance among five universities in Taiwan and five senior high schools in Sapporo and Asahikawa,” and “memoranda of alliance among five universities in Taiwan and five senior high schools in Gunma.” The senior high schools in Hokkaido (Sapporo and Asahikawa) include: Hokusei Gakuen Girls’ Junior & Senior High School, Sapporo Ryuku Gakuen High School, Sapporo Shinyo High School, Sapporo Nihon University Senior high school / Junior high school, and Asahikawa Jitsugyo High School. The high schools in the Gunma Prefecture include: The Second High School, Tokyo University of Agriculture; The Third High School, Tokyo University of Agriculture; Jutoku High School; Kyoai Gakuen Senior High School; and Meiwa Kenoh Senior High School. By establishing alliance with the ten senior high schools mentioned above, they hoped to encourage the students to study at NCYU.

  NCYU foreign students may apply online for admission for the year 2021 before March 15th, 2021. The second-phase registration for undergraduate programs is slated from April 15th to May 15th, 2021. Special scholarships of NT$8,000 and NT$10,000 per month will be provided to outstanding foreign students in both master’s and doctoral programs. There are also incentive programs for undergraduate students, ranging from subsidies for tuition and miscellaneous fees, to merit scholarships. These are expected to encourage more foreign students to study at NCYU and engage in exchanges with local students, thus achieving the ultimate goal of campus internationalization.

For more information on student recruitment and scholarships, please check the website of the Office of International Affairs: https://oia. ncyu. edu. tw/
Taiwan Higher Education Fair in Thailand (from left to right, PhD students, and Hung Yen-Chu and Lin Sung-Hsing, Dean and Section Chief of the Office of International Affairs) Chang Ming-Huang (bottom row, first from right), Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Tsai Man-Lin (bottom row, middle), an aluma of NCYU, joined an online forum. Representatives of NCYU (third row, first from right) signed memoranda of alliance with five senior high schools in Gunma, Japan.
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