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2019 Sharestart Asia Conference at NCYU Demonstrates How Innovative Educational Practices Will Take Root and Get Stronger in the Future

2019 Sharestart Asia Conference at NCYU Demonstrates How Innovative Educational Practices Will Take Root and Get Stronger in the Future

  Under guidance of K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education, National Chiayi University Teacher Education Center organized 2019 Sharestart Asia Conference jointly with Chiayi City Government, The Hugo Foundation of Culture and Education and Sharestart Teachers Public Group on the Sinmin campus of NCYU on Dec. 7th. The event was participated by more than 400 Sharestart teachers from home and abroad to promote literacy-oriented teaching. It was expected to inspire the teachers to respond to the future trends of education by strengthening mutual support and connection.

  The Sharestart Asia Conference, where Sharestart teachers gather together from all over the world to share ideas on an annual basis, has been taking place since 2016. This year marked the first time the conference was held outside of Taipei – Chiayi. With “Taking Root and Getting Stronger” as the theme this year, the Sharestart Asia Conference boasted talks by Mr. Zhang Hui-Cheng, founder of Sharestart, and a core team consisting of 17 teachers. They shared how they have been eliciting change in both the mindset and practice with the Sharestart teaching method throughout the years. Around 44% of the teachers who came to join the training workshop from home and abroad were from the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan region. This bore witness to the momentum the local education system has shown in making changes. This year (2019), with a view to assisting the Sharestart teachers to pursue continuous improvement in different phases of practice, the core team of Sharestart has designed primary, higher-level and advanced training courses, with a primary focus in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan region. Seven workshops have been held by the NCYU Teacher Education Center in collaboration with the Chiayi City Government and The Hugo Foundation of Culture and Education in Chiayi. With a number of attendees of over 1,600, they fully showcased Sharestart’s power of “connecting and expanding.”

  The annual conference this year featured a session on “Together with Sharestart, there is no need to worry about the curriculum standards of 2019.” Examples were shared to demonstrate how to utilize the Sharestart teaching method, and implement literacy-oriented curriculum design and teaching. The “Sharestart Breakthrough” sesson showcased how the Sharestart teachers dedicate themselves to open innovation and integrate diverse educational theories and innovative tools, which culminate in cases of highly effective education. According to NCYU President Chyung Ay, as educators, they need to know the latest change in education trend, cultivate the abilities of self-learning and innovation in our next generation, regard enhancing the students’ learning abilities as core to their teaching method, and flip the traditional role of a teacher to carry out cramming education. NCYU, who plays a pivotal role as an educator and has been cultivating approximately 300 prospective teachers each year, should spearhead in initiating educational innovation.

  Sharestart has set successful examples of exporting the educational models in Taiwan to the world. Founded six years ago, “Sharestart Teachers Public Group,” which emphasizes the importance of cultivating the abilities of “self-learning, thinking and expressing” in the students, has over 60,000 members in their Facebook group. The Sharestart teaching method has gradually redefined the meaning of education, and has drawn attention from Chinese-speaking teachers in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and other places in the world, who come to Taiwan to learn the method. The Sharestart Teachers Public Group believes that “teachers should help each other to bring about a better future,” and has been, for example, offering open classrooms and workshop training, and sharing teaching materials via an online platform. The objective is support the Sharestart teachers from all over the world to put into practice the concept of “Taking Root and Getting Stronger.” The exciting ideas sparked by the Sharestart Asia Conference were expected to trigger inspirations in the teachers, and help introduce parents to the future form of education. One and all who are interested in the issue of education are welcome to refer to the official website of the event for further information.

2019 Sharestart Asia Conference’s official website: http: //sharestartconference.weebly.com/

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