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Application for Continuing NCYU International Student Scholarship of Fall Semester of Academic year 108

To all the students receiving the “NCYU international students’ scholarship”, please pay attention to the following information regarding the application for continuing the scholarship for the academic year of 108.

  1. The scholarship is awarded on a year-by-year basis and awardees must apply again for continuing their scholarship after the first year of study. The maximum term for master’s students is 2 years, and for doctoral students 4 years.

  2. Regarding the application of continuing of the “NCYU international students scholarship”, the awards (such as waiver of tuition and credit fees and monthly scholarship of 8,000-10,000 NT dollars) are according to the “Guidelines for International Students Scholarship of NCYU” from the academic year when the awardee first registered with NCYU; However, the requirements and obligations are according to the “ Guidelines for International Students Scholarship of NCYU” (attachment 1)

  3. Those who would like to apply must send OIA (Office of International Affairs) your application form (attachment 2), the terms of agreement (attachment 3) , the transcripts from the previous academic year and recommendation letter before the 20th of July.

  4. The name list of those who can continue their scholarship will be announced before the end of August on the OIA website. The Scholarship for August awarded to the second-year graduate students will be issued in September.

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Application for International Student Scholarship.pdf


International Student Scholarship Terms of Agreement.pdf

International Student Scholarship Terms of Agreement.doc

Application for International Student Scholarship.doc


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