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NCYU Perfume, Essence and Fragrance R&D Team Wins the 16th National Innovation and Advancement Award

  National Chiayi University’s “Perfume, Essence and Fragrance R&D Team,” led by Chiou Yi-Yuan, former President and Distinguished Chair Professor of NCYU, was the winner of the “7th National Innovation Award” for “formulation of classic, fantastic perfumes with local bio-based materials” in 2010. This year, as organizer of the award, the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI) presented honorable “National Innovation and Advancement Award” to the project that had won the award in the past for its advancement of innovation and development in such areas as core technology, manufacturing, intellectual property and patents, commercial operation and market development, based on the specific results and achievements and relevant supporting documents. On Dec. 6th, Chen Rui-Xiang, Dean of the College of Life Sciences, along with Li Yu-Jang, Chairman of the Department of Applied Chemistry, and Jin-Yi Wu, Associate Professor of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Biopharmaceuticals and others, received the award on behalf of the the R&D team.

  NCYU Perfume, Essence and Fragrance R&D Team is known for enhancing essential oil extraction technology, developing bio-based materials, and conducting aroma extraction and analysis, assessment of perfume formulation and quality control. The team, which fully utilizes the characteristics of bio-based materials, and proactively carries out the relevant extraction, formulation, analysis and consumer preference assessment, has successfully launched two local perfume products after in-depth research and development. The products have been well-received by consumers, with the product prices reaching over NT$5 million. The R&D team has demonstrated a wealth of remarkable achievements over the years – it has earned five patents and published ten papers in international journals, conducted academic-industrial cooperation projects with four companies, and implemented a project commissioned by a private charitable foundation. It has been proactively developing various essential oil products in collaboration with I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd.

  The essential oil products are primarily expected to bring subtle changes in the skin after use, such as infiltration, release, fusion and reduction, which are closely linked with skin nourishment and health. The R&D team is dedicated to enhancing the technology of extracting the indigenous plant essential oil, mapping the GC/MS fingerprints of the essential oil, and developing perfume products, mosquito repellent essential oils, air fresheners, lotions, soaps, cosmetics and other products. In the days to come, it will continue in their devotion to improvement, development and innovation, and sell the products via the internet and cooperative stores by first expanding domestic channels to market. The strategies will be fine-tuned according to levels of acceptance in different regions. By means of process inspection and precision manufacturing regulations, it will strive to meet strict market standards, expand the market for its essential oil products, and make products that satisfy public preferences.
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