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NCYU Centennial Flower Show and Tea-sealing Ceremony

NCYU Centennial Flower Show and Tea-sealing Ceremony
  The press conference of the centennial anniversary celebrations of National Chiayi University, the opening ceremony of the Centennial Flower Show and tea-sealing ceremony took place on the plaza before the Chiaho Gymnasium, Lantan campus, on Oct. 24th as a warm-up to the anniversary ceremony and concert scheduled on Oct. 26th and other spectacular celebrations. Deputy Mayor Chen Shu-hui, Hsu Huei-fei, Director of the Crop Production Division of Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and other guests of honor were invited to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the NCYU Centennial Flower Show. Also in conjunction with the centennial anniversary of the university, a tea-sealing ceremony featuring meticulously roasted tea was organized to celebrate NCYU’s centennial anniversary. President Chyung Ay thanked all the faculty and staff members for sparing no effort to put together the centennial anniversary celebrations. Moreover, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Floriculture Development Association, teachers and students of the Department of Horticulture, and alumni of the university for their support to the centennial anniversary, which culminate in a splendid sea of flowers in full bloom on the campus.

  To celebrate the centennial anniversary, this will be the first time the anniversary ceremony of NCYU takes place along with a music concert. In addition to the anniversary ceremony and concert, a miscellany of marvelous events will be held on the anniversary day on Oct. 26th including: “Unveiling of the Garden for Planting a Hundred Trees” at the Kano Pavilion in the morning, which was followed by “Unveiling Ceremony of the 100th Anniversary Stone Inscription” in front of the Staff Consumers’ Cooperative Store; “Everlasting Glory of the Centennial Tea” and Anniversary Bazaar, among others, before the Administration Building; and “Centennial NCYU Art Exhibition 100th Anniversary Alumni Joint Exhibition” and tea reception for “NCYU Centennial Historical Material and Artifact Exhibition” at the library in the afternoon. Furthermore, Centennial Collection and Retrospective Exhibition of Agricultural Technical Service Team: Splendor Revivified were published to commemorate the hardships endured by the predecessors. “Former Main Gates of Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior Teachers College and National Chiayi Institute of Agriculture: Former Glory Regained” will be organized in retrospect of NCYU’s history. There will also be various cultural-arts exhibitions and performances held by the Center of Humanities and Arts. One and all are welcome to join the series of exciting anniversary celebration activities, and celebrate the centennial anniversary of NCYU.

  In celebration of the centennial anniversary, the tea-sealing ceremony on Oct. 24th was attended by NCYU President Chyung Ay and honored guests including Deputy Mayor Chen Shu-hui, Director Hsu Huei-fei, Mr. Tsai Yong Wu from the T.C.T.C Art Studio, Tea Experiment Station Director Huang Zheng-Zong. President Ay placed his signature on the earthenware pot for permanent collection at the University Archives. The special limited edition of the tea collections, available for a limited time, were a result of collaboration among students of the longest-standing Department of Agronomy and the much popular Professional Bachelor Program of Farm Management sponsored by the government, and experts of the Tea Experiment Station. The tea leaves were roasted by the team led by Cai Zhe-Ting, a government-sponsored student who just received an outstanding award in the Partially Fermented Tea Roasting Workshop Contest held by the Nantou County Government. They produced the tea on campus, where the tea had been roasted and converted a number of times, resulting in a medium roast with enduring, softly sweet flavor, perfect for instant brewing or collection. In conjunction with the centennial anniversary of NCYU, Mr. Tsai Yong Wu was specially invited to design and wheel throw the earthenware pots for the classic tea collections. Boasting a unique shape and delicate color, each earthenware pot is marked with the master’s signature, a logo of the centennial anniversary; only a hundred collections are available, each of which is numbered with a serial number. It is a more than a work of craftsmanship: to keep a pot of the tea collection alive with NCYU characteristics is to preserve the glory of NCYU since its establishment a century ago.

  The centennial anniversary flower show was funded by the Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan as “an event to promote and present the research and development results on native flower.” Jointly organized by the NCYU Department of Horticulture and Taiwan Floriculture Development Association, the flower show mainly takes place at the Administration Building, Tian-Ren Pond and the plaza and lawn before the Chiaho Gymnasium, creating “a sea of splendid flowers in full bloom” on the campus. In addition to the National Orchid Team Contest at the Administration Building, “a centennial anniversary-themed wall” and “an orchid-themed exhibition” are organized respectively on the plaza and tree-shaded lawn before the Chiaho Gymnasium. The orchid-themed exhibition comprises “Orchid Arched Entrance,” “Orchid Centennial Cake,” “Rural Village Ferrari,” as well as “The Life of Orchids” specially presented by the NCYU Horticultural Technology Center. The orchid exhibit area features creations by the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, Chinese Floral Art Association, I Hsin Biotechnology Inc, founded by a distinguished alumnus of the NCYU Department of Horticulture known in the flower industry, and Dalin Oncidium Production and Marketing Group. During the anniversary celebrations from Oct. 26th to 27th, the floral art teachers of the Chiayi City Flower Arrangement Association will offer lessons at the “hands-on experience with flower arrangement,” which is expected to allow visitors to feast their eyes on the beauty of floral art, thus achieving the goal of promoting flower. According to Shen Rong-show, Chairman of the Department of Horticulture, the Centennial Flower Show demonstrates excellent research and development capacity in terms of flower production, and, by connecting with education and the floral industry, enables the students to learn more about orchid biotechnology, flower crop cultivation and utilization, and horticultural landscaping, among others, during their college years. The industries, government and academic research organizations, who have joined their professional efforts to make the centennial anniversary celebrations happen, extend their sincerest wishes to the university.
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