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NCYU Online Signing Ceremony in the Post-Covid-19 Era: Setsunan University, Japan, Added to the List of Overseas Sister Schools

Despite the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and border closure restrictions, National Chiayi University continues to promote international exchanges in the post-Covid-19 era. In the afternoon of Jan. 19th, an online signing ceremony between NCYU and Setsunan University, Japan, took place at the professional studio, complete with a large video screen, of the Computer Center in the Lantan campus. NCYU President Chyung Ay and Setsunan University President Ogita Kiyokazu signed a cooperation memorandum. With this sister school agreement, NCYU has a total of 115 sister schools around the world.

  The Setsunan University is located in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 1922, it has six faculties ranging from Science and Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Foreign Studies, Business Administration, Law to Economics. Exchanges between both schools began under Curtis Shu-Sun Chu, a former teacher at the NCYU Language Center. During last October and November of last year (2020), the university invited NCYU students to engage in online teaching activities initiated by the Setsunan University. The students were provided chances to learn the Japanese language and culture, join in discussions on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations (UN), traveling and other topics. Substantial exchanges have been consistent between both universities.

  President Chyung Ay indicated that, as the Covid-19 pandemic has not shown any sign of abating since its outbreak in 2020, NCYU has been consistently carrying out substantial exchanges with its sister schools in Japan thanks to the information technology. The online signing ceremony with Setsunan University, Japan, enabled teachers and students of both universities to engage in further exchanges. According to the memorandum, they will commit to, for example academic research cooperation, teacher exchange and research presentation, and prepare for future selection and recommendation. According to the Office of International Affairs, there will be up to two students selected for the exchange program each semester for both universities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the exchange program, the recipients will be exempt from tuition fees at the host school, and enjoy assistance in accommodation.

A group photo of NCYU President Chyung Ay and supervisors, and President Ogita Kiyokazu and other representatives from Setsuan University, Japan. A group photo of President Chyung Ay (third from left), who led supervisors of NCYU, and representatives from Setsuan University, Japan, during the online signing ceremony at the professional studio. Ogita Kiyokazu (middle), President of Setsuan University, Japan, displayed the signed cooperation memorandum. The two univerisities exchanged souvenirs, as displayed on the video screen.
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