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Application for NCYU International Undergraduate Student Scholarship of 2nd Semester of Academic Year 109

For undergraduate who have been studying in the university for more than a year with formal enrolment, the scholarship funds will be released on a semester basis and shall be applied each semester. Funds will be disbursed from October to January of the following year (disbursed by the 5th of the month) for the 1st semester, and from March to June for the 2nd semester (disbursed by the 5th of the month).

1. The qualifications for application are as follows:
(1) Students who took at least 9 academic credits last semester; rank within the top 50% of the class (The percentage of class ranking is rounding off to the 1st decimal place); and with a conduct score of 80 or above, will be awarded NT$5000 monthly.
(2) Students who took at least 9 academic credits last semester, rank from the top 51% to top 70% of the class, with a conduct score of 80 or above (The percentage of class ranking is rounding off to the 1st decimal place), will be awarded NT$4000 monthly.
(3) Students who have taken a leave of absence, dropped out, or been withdrawn from the university will not be required to repay the amount received during the semester. However, they will not be awarded the scholarship that has been taken before, after resuming their studies in the university.
1. 申請資格規定如下:
(1) 前一學期至少修習九學分,班級排名前百分之五十(排名百分比計算至小數點後 1 位,採四捨五入計算),操行成績八十分以上,每人每月獎學金新臺幣五千元。
(2) 班級排名前百分之五十一至百分之七十(排名百分比計算至小數點後 1 位,採四捨五入計算),操行成績八十分以上,每人每月獎學金新臺幣四千元。
(3) 休學、退學、開除學籍者,當學期已領取之費用,不予追繳。復學時,曾領取之獎學金,不得重複領取。

2. Students under these situations may not apply:
(1) Those who have not paid tuition and registration fees in the university
(2) Those who receive other scholarships from the government
(3) Those who extend the study period
2. 外國學生如有以下情況者,不得申請:
(1) 不在本校繳交註冊費用者。
(2) 獲政府所提供之其他獎補助學金者。
(3) 延長修業年限之學生。

3. Required documents:
(1) Application Form
(2) Terms of Agreement
(3) Transcripts with the percentile rank from the previous semester
3. 申請文件:
(1) 申請表
(2) 承諾書
(3) 前一學期成績單(須含名次)

4. Please submit the required documents to the Division of International Students before 8th of March.
4. 請於3月8日前提交至國際學生事務組

5. The name list of those who are awarded scholarship will be announced on the OIA website and ISA around the middle of April.
5. 受獎名單預計於4月中旬於國際處及ISA網頁公告

6. More regulations, please refer to the Guidelines for International undergraduate student scholarship of NCYU.
6. 詳細規定,請見:國立嘉義大學大學部外國學生獎學金發放要點
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